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About the Shack

Family owned and run, we are dedicated to serving fresh mouth watering dishes using local resources. Chef Brett Swain runs the kitchen with his son making sure quality and flavor is up to par. Up front you'll be greeted with a smile by Towhee Swain or her daughter and they'll try to sweet talk you into walking out with one of Towhee's homemade desserts. Stop by and grab a bite to eat at Swain's where unfortunately, we'll treat you like family!

The restaurant is named out of respect from the original Swain Shack that still stands on the island and the Swain's Cut Bridge. The Swain family has lived and owned land on Oak Island since the 16th Century. In the 1930's, part of the family built a shack where family could gather and as the family grew so did the shack. It embodies the strong bonds of family, cooking delicious food, drinks on the dock, and great memories! 

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